As I think am I

I see inside the blood of business, of operation, of taking risk, of customer oriented.

When I were young, I fell in love with the term “Marketing” at the 2nd year in University, when I had enough knowledge and experience to see how Internet is changing the world, especially the way people communicate with each others, when my Mom called and said “Amazing, people find our shop on Google, they came to me even they are 7km away from the shop”. “Marketing” is absolutely an sexy words that makes you can’t help thinking about.

I worked as a “Marketer” (as I think am I) in an Digital Agency in 3 years, there was a tons of practical knowledge and skills I got here. But,… the only thing that I can not answer the simple question “Who I am”, “What is my value”, “Who I would like to become in next 5 years”. The question, stayed around around in my head in a long time, that makes me don’t feel comfortable and unstable about myself.

Luckily, the footprints that sparked when I was given me chance to practice as a Leader Role in new company, totally new company! I did everything from business register, legal, tax, government, new office, paperwork, people, even a trash bin – I am the director of One-People-Company so that this director do everything!

To be continued…

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