But, what is being productivity?

It is easy to define what is productivity:

  • It may be “the effectiveness of effort”.
  • Productivity = output/ input – a technical concept as we learned at university
  • It could be “doing the highest quality of work with the minimum of time and resources”.
  • Or “using less to create more”
  • … many many …

But, what is being productivity, especially for individual and business?

  • “the effectiveness of effort” seems short and good explanation. But wait, what is effectiveness?
  • using less to create more” seems stimulate. But how to measure “less” and “more”? “Less” of someone maybe “more” of another one and by contract.

It is hard to define the term in such way. There is no firm declare, because Being productivity is a Choice.

To me:

Productivity is a mindset that continuously aspires to better ways of accomplishing tasks and conducting business.

At the heart of productivity is the individual. Actually, it is the individual’s choice to improve/ enhance the work or not.


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