Curiosity and deep learning

These are 2 things I would like to convey to my child, my teammate. It’s also things of people who I would like to surround with.

Let’s take a look at those concept mentioned here:

– Curiosity is simply a strong inner desire to know and learn something.

– Deep learning is not about memorizing facts, rules and procedures but truely understanding the concepts underlying the materials, through the cycle process of knowing, doing, receiving feedback, revising.

Being line up with 2 above things, you will set and raise your growth-mindset – the belive that you can improve and devolop your ability. Align with this mindset, it is easier to live fully in life, easier to embrace challenges, easier to face with failure too.

But how, at least with my child, how can I convey to him?

– Every word and action of mine always send a message. But kid, they receiving the message not by the meaning of word but the tone voice of people sending it. If they tell you something in their day, you reply as: Uh huh, Oh, Uhm,.. They are understand that this story do not important than if you respond as: Oh really? Tell me more please!

– Praise. Do not praise on his talent but on his process, his effort, the strategy he used. Praise to encourage but remember to remind that he can do better, and this is just few steps of whole journey.

– Constructive criticism. Whenever he messed up with something. Let’s sit down besides him, recall what he did, understand what he was thinking, which strategy he used and figure out what he should try next. Give feedback that help him understand how to fix something.

– Environment. Create a growth-friendly enviroment to push him into. The best way to make it is from yourself. Being the always-learner first, then the child will follow to.

-Question. It is important to ask right question. Ask him: is there any new thing you learn today?

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