Random thought #09: Buying a Starbuck bottle

Starbuck always reminds me of thing called “buying experience”. The joys come from the well-known story, the Howard Schultz’s book, the convenient location, the bright counter, the coffee smell and its customers.

Image: Foody.vn

Every time I separate each part to consider with another one, Starbuck seems not win at all.

The Coffee House had its own story

The Highland Coffee had beautiful location

SI Coffee had much brighter & smeller coffee counter

Time Coffee had excited customer too.

But none of above had the mix of all elements gracefully like Starbuck.

Yes, 500.000 vnđ buying a bottle in this store reminds me 2 things:

1. A beloved brand needs to deliver consistently the core value they represented and in diverse ways. A book isn’t enough, a social post isn’t enough, a youtube video isn’t enough, a single product isn’t enough. It should be a combination of them.

2. I am really keen on doing something sparking joys – more than a product, a service, a conversation but the emotion of people receiving them. Doing this generates much dopamine in mine, keeping me feeling happy all the time.

Mình rất vui nếu bạn đọc đến đây và cứ thoải mái để lại bất kỳ bình luận nào để cùng giao lưu với nhau nha.

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