Thank you Dad

Suddenly I burst into tears listening my Dad through phone call.

He said: I have a surprise, Will you happy with your decision?


I don’t know Dad, time is too fast and I have no choice. One thing I can whisper with you at this moment is that now I am happy…

Thank you for supporting me all time, being brave to protect me from gossip. I am your girl and you love me much, I know. You don’t want let me go, I know. I also know that I am too young to take a big chance in my life..

Mom call me, have the same words like you. I can feel deeply your love and caring for me.

You know, whatever I do, wherever I stay, I always live as my family shall be happy and proud of me. Family is all of my life, all of my motivation.


How can I do?


Mình rất vui nếu bạn đọc đến đây và cứ thoải mái để lại bất kỳ bình luận nào để cùng giao lưu với nhau nha.

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