The power of culture

How to build great culture & hire amazing people

1. Great company attract great people.

It starts at the roots. Whether you’re selling airline tickets, eyeglasses, online clothing,.. you need to have a great product.

After all, talented people want to work in organizations that make an impact. They want to change the world — even just a little.


Even if you provide a “boring” product, your approach could make it an amazing place to work. And if you don’t have good enough product/ service, stay back to focus on product first. It’s hurt, but true.

2. Stick to core value 

What is your corporate’s core value?

What is your ADN?

What is the “same thing” among those people?


Core value is considered as standard for your business behave. At least 5-7 core value should be define & follow from top to down at all time and core team/ BOD is extremely important element to maintain and strengthen core value.

3. Culture is all aspects of whole company

Let’s see how Zappos build culture:


Before Amazon bought for $1.2 billion, the online shoe retailer was already known for two things: exceptional customer service and a vibrant company culture.

As CEO Tony Hsieh once said, “Zappos is a customer service company that just happens to sell shoes.”

Zappos empowers its call center staff to make emotional connections and to wow their customers in every interaction.

That explains the service-driven reputation.

But how do you create a strong, healthy culture — especially as your company grows?

Well, Zappos defined 10 core values that guide the whole organization. It’s their hiring process, though, that really stands out.

Zappos has two different interview types. The first explores the candidate’s abilities, experience, and team fit. The usual stuff.

Next, the HR department does another round, purely to evaluate culture fit. As Hsieh told Forbes back in 2010, you have to pass both interview types to get the job:

“We’ve rejected many talented people who we know would have made an immediate impact on our top or bottom line. Because culture is our number one priority, we’re willing to give up short-term profits or revenue growth to make sure we have the best culture. In fact, after orientation we offer people $2,000 not to work at Zappos. The ones who stay are right for our culture.”

4. Culture changes as you grow

My first team were girl. It’s ok until I realized we need to attract more men. As the balance (happily) shifted, our company became more professional, just to name one improvement. Change made us stronger. These are the kind of culture shifts that organizations should always embrace.

5. People influence the culture

Let your staff contribute. Our small, cross-functional teams naturally develop their own cultures — and that’s a good thing. They enrich our entire company and make more interesting and diverse place to work.

6. Don’t enable incongruent behaviuor

Just as Zappos measured candidates’ humility and openness by talking to their shuttle drivers, it’s important to weed out both people and actions that don’t match your values.

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