Random Thought About Entrepreneur

I explored myself in Entrepreneur world. Here are some random note I would like to write down, each line is the thing that I already experience or seeing my around applied successfully, each line is also the contemplation how to become a happy entrepreneur.

-Don’t keep for yourself, let’s share with each other.

I can not set up and manage even one company if I do it alone. And if I would like to expand my business, to diverse the income source, I can not do it just myself absolutely!

You always in the need of having someone/many-one work with you as a team. A good teammate could not be hired just by salary, by company policy, he/she should be trained, be given chances to grow, to learn, to experience with you. Good things take time.

In the longterm, you should share with them a part of what you have, if you would like to run in distance with you.

-Learn, always learn, never stop to learn.

Take all chance to learn new things. Read/Talk/Work with excel people. Challenge yourself with new upcoming always. Don’t count yourself blessing.

At any decision, let forget all thing you knew before, take it as fresh, and see how you can do it better day by day.

Your employee/partner/customer/investor play with you because of certain value. Improve and enhance your value in most of time.

-Write down your goal, write down your plan.

Writing lets you think slower, be more careful. Write down the thing you want, directly in your notebook, boldly and clearly.

Write down your plan also, write enough, you will see the picture as a direction map of the treasure you are looking for.

– Who is your mentor?

If you’ve ever wanted a secret that say “Biz Google Maps”, these are it.

Nothing comes between you and your success. Except for these.


(Update later)




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