“What problem does it solve?”

For many years I have had tons of trouble spending money as well as effort on things which made no sense. Definition of “Make no sense”: things that do not enhance my value in the long run, just satisfy my hunger for a moment, or a couple of days. Until I found the magical question “What problem does it solve?”  Have you ever in this … Continue reading “What problem does it solve?”

3 hacks boost my productivity over years

Don’t wait until we’re too old to enjoy life. If you were in this situation: knowing we should to accomplish big goals, but it’s easy to lose motivation due to tons of predicable-but-unavoidable-reasons, remember there are only 24 hours in a day, and don’t wait until we’re too old to enjoy life. The more work you can get done in a day, the faster you build … Continue reading 3 hacks boost my productivity over years

Viết cho con

Những đêm ngủ bên con, nghe tiếng thở đều đều thơm mùi sữa, mẹ thấy cuộc đời thật dễ thương. Từ ngày con chào đời, mẹ chưa ngủ thẳng một giấc 8 tiếng như trước đây, đôi lúc mẹ mong con lớn nhanh, để hai mẹ con mình ôm nhau làm một giấc đã đời từ 9h tối đến 6h sáng. Nhưng so với những … Continue reading Viết cho con

Why I stop my drop-shipping business

As my background in Marketing, the idea of drop-shipping that “you do nothing, just marketing” simulated me a lot of. Actually, you do need to care about product (everything is on AliExpress), payment (Stripe and Paypal do the best) and even logistic (thanks to ePacket). You just need to handle performance advertising to attract visitors and convert them into customers. Once they buy, you receive … Continue reading Why I stop my drop-shipping business

Anchor Effect in Business and Life

Let’s choose: Super clever! It’s Amazon! Option $8.99 give an anchor as a minimum price, then the price $12.99 seems extremely reasonable. In addition, the $12.99 was made as default – people do nothing, just “Try Prime”. Another example, Fill one letter in the blank: SO_P If you see or hear about “EAT”, probably you will fill as “SOUP”. But if you see or hear … Continue reading Anchor Effect in Business and Life

Mỏ neo – Hay “Mồi”

Điền vào chỗ trống: SO_P Nếu bạn vừa nhìn hoặc nghe thấy từ “ăn” thì bạn có xu hướng điền thành SOUP. Nhưng nếu bạn nghe thấy từ “tắm” thì khả năng cao lại là SOAP! “Ăn” đã mồi cho “Soup” và “tắm” mồi cho “Soap” — Hoặc xem hai cặp câu hỏi sau: Gần đây bạn có cảm thấy hạnh phúc ko? Tháng trước … Continue reading Mỏ neo – Hay “Mồi”